Increase Your Profits

Use EZplan, to lower costs, increase product availability and improve communications


Too Much Inventory?

EZplan gives you insight to dial-in the right amount of inventory! Lower your inventory carrying costs and keep your products fresh!


Not enough inventory?

EZplan looks across your supply chain and proactively alerts you of stock outs before they happen! This increases your service level to your customers!


Didn't know about that promotion?

Your Sales team makes a promotional deal with a customer. Great! But can you supply it? Did you even know about it? With EZplan, the Sales team can enter in the event and EZplan will let you know if you can supply the deal.



Lower Operational Costs

Make, replenish or ship the right amount at the right time with the right costs.

Increase Product Availability

Manage inventory with the right amount of safety stock and realistic replenishment cycles.

Increase Communications

Collaborate internally across the organization along with your suppliers on one set of numbers.

Is EZplan for you?

Do you make products to sell? Do you store products? Do you sell products?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above, then YES!

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